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  • Community Events

    Wrasslin' Complexity with Jared Sinclair

    CocoaHeads OKC

    • What we'll doWrasslin' Complexity: Managing Complex View Controllers Through Explicit Behavior Modeling Jared Sinclair is an associate staff developer at Black Pixel, where he leads iOS and tvOS development projects. • What to bring •...

    January Agile Meeting

    Oklahoma Agile Alliance Group Meetup

    ** The Venue was not available on the January 11th due to a conflict with renovations from water damage,. Move to January 18th. To be decided but will normally be one or more of: • Short/Lightning Talk Groups • Agile Game/Workshop • Lean...

    The Human Element: How Connections Shape Our Lives

    Data + Creativity OKC

    From micro to macro, all aspects of our existence are founded upon connections: biological, social, economic, and education. Ken Parker will take us on a brief tour of how profoundly we are impacted by connections, with special emphasis on...